Sunday, January 8, 2017

Today was very cold (for Central Florida) - about 37 degrees when we started out.  It's really hard to get enthusiastic about spending time digging through tray after tray of goodies when you are shivering so hard you keep dropping things!  Tomorrow is not going to be any warmer, but I will be prepared!  I dug out my long johns!  Yep, found those a few years ago when we had a particularly cold winter.

A lot of new "snowbird" vendors are setting up at our two favorite markets now, which makes it difficult to decide how much you want to spend with any particular vendor when you first get there.  Because who knows what goodies may be just waiting down at the end of the last row!  Having a set budget does not help.  Today was not hard as so many vendors decided to either get a very late start or just stay home under the quilts rather than brave the cold.  But Ken and I both still came home with a number of goodies.

Today, one of my favorite pieces was an Art Deco bug brooch, a bee or a fly.  This little critter has one of my favorite cabochons - the Dragons Breath jelly opal.  In my research I find that these stones were created in Czechoslovakia.  A bit of metal was added to the molten art glass to give the pieces the "flash" or blue color in the amber/orange colored glass.  As you turn the glass, flashes of brilliant blue sparkle like lightening inside.

There are several names for these stones, including Mexican opals, jelly opals, chameleon glass and, my favorite and the one that is most popular for them, Dragons Breath.  They will always be unfoiled.  Most of the Dragons Breath stones are set in sterling but every once in a while you will come across a much older unique piece set in brass, such as this one.

So, when you are out treasure hunting, keep an eye out for these Bohemian beauties.  You will soon become obsessed with "finding the flash"!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

I have been very lax in posting here to my blog.....thirty lashes with a wet noodle!  In my defense, I have been very busy learning twitter and learning how to gather followers on twitter and all the other ins and outs of twitter.  Yes, I'm a little slow jumping on the twitter train, but better late than never!

Let's see if I can remember what I picked up last weekend...oh yes!  We stopped at the Big Top flea market on Saturday.  There is an older gentelman that we have been visiting for quite some time.  I used to make my own jewelry and he would save all kinds of scrap items for me to incorporate into my designs.  I haven't had the heart to tell him I don't want any more of his lots, so I bought it for $15.00.  Surprisingly I found several really neat items in there, including these simichrome tested bakelite dice.  I sold those right away.  :)
On Sunday we went to the 49er flea market and I found this absolutely lovely hinged brass trinket box with micro mosaic lid.

My research shows this to be from the early 1900's.  I was only able to find one other like it.  I listed this out on Ebay.  I'm hoping this one sells well.  The new owner will adore this as it is just so different than the "normal" mosaic lid trinket boxes out there.

Tomorrow I will catch you up with what we found on Monday at Webster.  In the meantime, don't forget to check out all the items I have listed in both my Ebay and Etsy shops!  Links to both can be found to the right hand side of the screen....or, feel free to send me a message if you are looking for something in particular.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Today was our day to visit the Big Top Flea Market.  Although we don't usually find very much here, the times that we do make it worth while.  Besides, right now there isn't another decent flea market around.  Today was one of those blah days.  The one vendor that we usually find some nice jewelry pieces did not have anything for us.  Another vendor that carries a lot of very unique vintage and antique items also had nothing for us although she did have a very cool drinking / toasting horn.  Since this was way out of my knowledge area, and even though it was very cool, I felt I had to pass it by.  And after I got home and did some research, I'm glad I did.  Turns out it is not vintage at all and her price was just what I could purchase it online for.  Whew!  Trust your gut!

So, since I have nothing from today's trip to show you, let me show you a couple of pieces that I recently posted.  The first is a holiday item.  I picked this up several weeks ago in anticipation of the ramp up of the holiday selling.  I have this listed in my Etsy shop, GliterzBySal.

This is a double brooch with the pins under each of the holly leaves.  The rhinestone chain swag has JOY written in rhinestones below it.  I have rarely seen a double brooch like this and never in the holiday jewelry line.  This should sell well.

This next item I have listed out in my Ebay shop, GliterzBySal.  I received this in a trade of jewelry with a Facebook friend.  It has been getting a LOT of interest and views, tweets, pins and shares.....and no wonder, she is stunning!!
This brooch is hand carved coral set in a 14k yellow gold frame.  She is from the mid 1800's and although she is only 7/8" long, she has a very bid WOW factor.  I'm sure she will make her next owner a very happy person.

Tomorrow is the 49er Flea Market and I am sure I will have some new treasures to show you.  In the mean time, check out my Etsy and Ebay shop and feel free to follow me on Twitter, @GliterzBySal.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Since we have not gone out Treasure Hunting in the past few days, how about a look at some of my past treasures?  This lovely and truly unique set is listing in my Etsy Shop and I just dropped the price!  Wouldn't it make an awesome Christmas gift?

Another one of my unique finds is this lucite stretch bracelet.  Honey colored with genuine bees embedded in the lucite. (Don't worry, the bees had already passed before they were put in the beads!)
Hopefully we will get out again on Friday and I will be sure to show you our new treasures!  Enjoy your day!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Today being Monday meant a trip up to Webster Flea Market, one of my all time favorites.  Right now the "season" has not yet begun so we don't have as many vendors to choose from.  However, this summer season has given us a chance to really get to know the local vendors, develop a good rapport with them so they now know us, know the kinds of items we like to pick and generally will hold some items aside especially for us.  They also usually will give us a better price than they would to the casual shopper.

My favorite find today was this lovely lavalier Art Deco necklace.  I have yet to complete my research on it, and might have to take it to a jeweler to have the metal tested, so it is not listed anywhere as yet.
I found several other items today too, including an R. Mandle flower brooch, an early plastic Coty powder and lipstick compact, an unsigned Hattie Carnegie Christmas tree, and this oh so dainty Coro ballerina brooch.
Can't wait for our next venture out to a flea market!  I'll e sure to show you our goodies!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday is always a good treasure hunting day.  The 49er Flea Market is one of my favorites.  We have a lovely vendor there that allows Ken and I to go behind the booth and dig through her stock that is not currently out for public sale.  I was on short funds today so had to be careful of what I grabbed!  I did manage to find this wonderful Castlecliff fish bowl necklace.
I have been looking for one of these for about a year but never saw any at the flea markets we went to and could not afford the ones that I found online.  I spent a little bit more than what I wanted to on this one, but I am sure I will still make a profit.  This one is currently listed in my Ebay store if you wanted to go over there and take a look at all the details.  :)

I also found this unsigned photo locket brooch.  I had a very hard time with researching this as it is just so unusual.  I finally found one identical to it, but the other one was signed.....CORO!  Who knew??  So I went to the Coro Jewelry Patent website and sure enough, there it #112148 by A. Katz from 11/15/38!  This lovely piece even has the original photos still inside!  I will be listing this beauty on my Etsy site soon.

Tomorrow is Monday, which means Webster Flea of the biggest flea markets in the state.  Ken and I always find lots of lovely pieces there and I can't wait to see what treasures I find to show to you!

Saturday we went to Oldsmar Flea Market.  It's still early in our "season" here so there not too many of the vintage jewelry vendors there.  I only picked up two items and Ken got none!  How unusual for us!  The two pieces I did pick up were really nice and priced great.  My favorite is this etched jade pendant.

It has a different scene on each side.  Just a truly unique piece.  I have this listed in my Ebay store if you would like to stop over there and read the full description.

In another month Oldsmar Flea Market will be hopping and we will have several great vendors to choose from.  Until then, I am glad we have so many flea markets to pick at!  :)